We brought you our vitamin C skin treats, and now a new Trilogy family member is joining the line up - meet NEW Vitamin C Energising Mist Toner! All packed with the goodness of powerful antioxidant vitamin C, these certified natural skin treats make for the ultimate glow-boosting skincare regime.

How Does Vitamin C Benefit Skin?

Vitamin C is a one power-packed antioxidant. It’s involved in the synthesis of collagen, which helps to improve skin plumpness and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When applied topically, vitamin C also helps to reduce the appearance of skin pigmentation and evens skin tone, which in turn helps to improve its overall glow.

The Trilogy Vitamin C Team

Vitamin C Booster Treatment

What Is It: Vitamin C Booster Treatment is a certified natural, freshly activated, two-week intense brightening treatment that helps to even skin tone and boost radiance.

What’s In It:
6% ascorbic acid (a.k.a. high-potency natural vitamin C powder in its freshest, most active form) and a hyaluronic acid concentrate base enriched with daily extract, rosehip and fresh mandarin oils.

How To Use:
When you’re ready to begin your treatment, activate by pressing down on the cap to release vitamin C powder, replace with dropper and get set to glow! Use twice daily use for two consecutive weeks.

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Vitamin C Moisturising Lotion

What Is It: Vitamin C Moisturising Lotion is a certified natural light hydration lotion that nourishes while promoting a brighter, more even skin tone for all skin types.

What’s In It:
Antioxidant-rich vitamin C to promote a brighter complexion, daisy extract to illuminate and help reduce pigmentation, rosehip to nourish and mandarin oil to awaken the senses with its light, sweet scent.

How To Use:
Use morning and night, alone or under make-up.

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NEW Vitamin C Energising Mist Toner

What Is It: The latest Trilogy vitamin C family member, this certified natural citrus mist is an instantly refreshing and invigorating (and heavenly scented!) skin treat.

What’s In It:
Antioxidant-rich vitamin C to help brighten, mandarin and tangerine to refresh and energise, and ylang-ylang to help balance complexions.

How To Use:
Use anytime, anywhere! From energising beauty regimes around the clock, completing cleansing routines or adding a dewy glow to your make-up, this is a versatile little performer.

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Your Vitamin C Beauty Regime

Your Trilogy Vitamin C Beauty Regime

POP Freshly activate Vitamin C Booster Treatment – apply 2 – 3 drops, wait to sink in before layering with face oil.

Layer with Vitamin C Moisturising Lotion.

Glow on by spritzing Vitamin C Energising Mist Toner.

Have questions about these skin treats? Visit our FAQ page below for all your questions answered.

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