Rosehip Routine Bundle for All Skin Types

Rosehip Routine Bundle for All Skin Types Trilogy Natural Products NZ

Rosehip Routine Bundle for All Skin Types

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Formulated with rosehip oil and Rosapene™, the Rosehip Routine Bundle range is perfect starting point for anyone looking for a natural skincare routine. Suitable for most skin types and all ages. 

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    Formulated with rosehip oil and Rosapene™, the Rosehip Routine Bundle range is perfect starting point for anyone looking for a natural skincare routine. Suitable for most skin types and all ages. 

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    Step 1. Squeeze our Cream Cleanser into your palm and massage onto a damp face, neck and décolletage for approximately 2 minutes. Use gentle, circular and upwards motions. Wipe off using a tissue or a cotton pad, or rinse away with warm water and gently wipe with a warm face cloth. 

    Step 2. Hold the Hydrating Mist Toner at least 30cm/12 inches away from the face and gently spritz over skin. Allow mist to dry naturally. Use after cleansing, or anytime your skin needs a pick-me-up. Can also be used over products and make-up.

    Step 3. Gently massage 2 drops of our Certified Organic Rosehip Oil into skin morning and night (using more if needed). Can also be used alone or add 2 drops to foundation for an extra dewy finish.

    Step 4. Apply about a pea size amount of our Eye Contour Cream daily to cleansed skin before moisturising. Gently pat into the undereye area with your ring finger from the outer eye towards the nose.

    Step 5. Gently massage our Vital Moisturising Cream into your face, neck and décolletage. Use morning and/or evening as the last step in your skincare routine.

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Powerfully Natural Skincare

Powerfully Natural Skincare

Trilogy was founded from the bond of two New Zealand sisters looking for a solution to their skin sensitivity, and from the very beginning back in 2002 they pioneered the power of natural ingredients when they discovered the powerful skin benefits of rosehip seed oil.

Driven by a passion to create safe and effective beauty products using the best quality natural ingredients, an unwavering dedication was born to empower women to feel confident in their skin through naturally healthy skincare solutions.

Long before the term clean beauty was adopted, we have believed that clean and natural ingredients are the best choices for skincare and the vitality of your skin. Much like nature’s diversity of ingredients, our skin needs are ever changing and there are many different skin types. We have and continue to be motivated by the knowledge that everything your skin needs can be found in nature.

Using the best of science, we work hard to bring about innovative natural skincare that is effective, safe and unique, and works for all types of skin. We use our expertise in pure plant oils, natural extracts and potent botanical complexes to create innovative, market leading, clean natural beauty products with integrity.

Throughout our journey we have learnt that innovating with nature and a reduced environmental impact go hand in hand and we take our commitment to ethical, environmental and social responsibility seriously. We celebrate nature and are proud to be part of supporting social initiatives globally that make a difference.

We are business founded by women for women and we are always in pursuit of empowering all women at a local and global level to support each other. We want to build a community of women supporting women through their unique journeys, always striving to find more naturally healthy solutions for their skincare needs, so we can all feel confident in our skin.

Every year we produce thousands of natural products, certified to the very highest standard by NATRUE. Every product we launch is tried and tested on real women, who see real visible results, so that when these products finally get to you, we know they are safe, they work and that you’ll love them.

We don’t believe in sacrificing natural to meet trends and we work hard to keep at the forefront of natural ingredients and formulations. Today we have over 40 high-performing award-winning face and body products and have grown to become category leaders in natural beauty.

We are proud of our values and of the products we produce, and the idea that women of all ages can use our products with a sense of security and trust in us, is of great pride to us.

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