We're celebrating 15 years of innovation
15 years of supporting and empowering our fans to look and feel their best every day.
So we selected 15 Trilogy fans to take part in a photo shoot. We love the photos and the way they celebrate all kinds of skin.
Meet our 15 anniversary Trilogy stars.



"I have a personal project that I've been working on - I read a lot, and for every book that I've read since 2016 I've re-designed the book cover."

"There's so many important women in my life. It's important to have people in your life who can teach you something and help you become a better person."


On diversity, "Diversity is very important. In Japan there are only Japanese people but in New Zealand everybody is so different. Enjoy more and experience more."

Advice to younger self, "Challenge yourself with many things. Try different things. (Played tennis and hated it, then discovered dance fitness and regretted not trying new things earlier)."



On what makes a women beautiful, “People who have that acceptance of themselves and self confidence are beautiful to me.” 

On diversity, "We're all one of a kind."

On what makes a strong women, "A women who does what she thinks she should be doing, regardless of what other people think she should be doing."



A special women who has had an impact on your life, "A girl I met who was so comfortable in her own skin. I always thought If I had a daughter, I would love her to be as comfortable in her own skin as Polly is. She's amazing just as herself. I love that when I see that in a women."

Advice to younger self, "Just be who you are. Just be comfortable - it's so rare. Where I come from has a messed up values system - as a dark skinned person, you don't feel beautiful at all, ever. I would tell my younger self to just get over that be who you are."

"Growing up, I had really good role models - my parents were fantastic. I never felt weaker than the men."



Advice to younger self, “Like yourself more”

“I’m really passionate about giving back”

On diversity, “Diversity is so important. It’s about making sure that everybody is involved in a conversation”

“I feel my most beautiful after a swim in the ocean”



“My friends would describe me as quiet – I like to process and think before I say something. I like to say things that have meaning behind them.”

“My best beauty tip is to drink water. It works!”

“My mum is my best friend. She’s gone through a lot in her life and she’s always so happy.”



“I’m really proud of myself for just up and deciding to go and live in another country."

“I’m at my happiest when I’m spending time with people I love”

“I just love and enjoy spending time with a small amount of people who are really important to me”



Advice to younger self, “Enjoy every stage. Just enjoy the moment. When you’re younger you get so nervous. But now, I sort of think – I don’t care! If I don’t know something, I’ll ask a question.”

Beauty advice, “Look after your décolletage. I think younger girls need to think about that earlier on. And your hands too!’

On diversity, “It’s good to be exposed to other cultures and opinions”



“It’s less common to make new friends as you get older and I’ve met someone this year – it was one of those things where we instantly clicked. It was a real realisation that you should chat to more girls. It was an instant bond.”

On diversity, "I think about diversity a lot in the context of my work (research scientist). Since the American presidency we have a lot of people who can’t go to conferences now. Science doesn’t discriminate but people do.”



“Don't compare yourself to anyone”

“I'm very lucky to be surrounded by talented, kind and smart women but my mother is the most important woman in my life. My mother loves and supports me and all my crazy endeavours, she has the kindest heart, is an amazing cook and always puts herself last”



On moving to New Zealand, “I worked in Shanghai for three years and I was tired of [my] job. I told my mum I wanted to try something different. Everyone there is striving for success and my mum told me – ‘you are totally different; you don’t need to define yourself by being competitive.’ So I decided I wanted to be happy in a simple, natural way.”

Advice to younger self, “My parents were farmers and not really educated. When I was growing up I listened to myself as no-one was there to give me advice. I feel so happy that I’ve made all these decisions on the way. Stay with your heart and be brave.”



“My skin had become quite patchy in terms of dryness and oiliness. I had the typical t-zone. Using Rosehip oil is quick and my skin immediately feels hydrated. I just love it. It’s a simple as that.”

“At the end of the day we are beautiful and it really has very little to do with our façade. It’s the inner light shining that brings the beauty to the surface.”



“I feel my most beautiful after a run. I did a half marathon last year and as much as I hated it, I felt amazing afterwards.”

“Good things come around. Cool stuff happens if you do cool things for others.”



“Natural has become more important to me while I was pregnant and breastfeeding because I know that everything that I would put on my skin would end up going into my little boy.”

“The thing I really like about myself physically is the fact that I grew a baby. That gives me a new-found appreciation for my body. I also love the strength that I have when I’m working out.”



“I think it’s amazing that [Trilogy doesn’t] retouch images of women because why should we really? - it’s true beauty. It doesn’t need to be Photoshopped.”

“Women should collectively look after one another.”