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Day 3: 5 Tips To Boost Your Self-Confidence!

While a healthy diet and lifestyle forms the cornerstones of wellness, a positive mindset including thoughts, beliefs and attitudes are essential to keep in check for living life to the fullest. Today’s Wellness Week contributor is personal brand and professional development coach, Scarlett Vespa. Scarlett is always inspiring has a passion for helping people reach their full, unique potential. She promotes quality conversations about life and healthy living, and we’re thrilled to share her top 5 tips for building confidence this spring. 

I love spring, it’s a time to let go, to renew and face another season of our lives. It’s also a time that you can reinvent yourself and step into the YOU that you know is in there – I call it your ‘best self’.  The wonderful spring energy (literally launching us up) can be used to sharpen our focus to make the summer months be productive and rewarding. Hands up who wants a great 2019?

What is the key ingredient to launch your best self? Confidence. I’d like to share my 5 top tips that will help make that confidence sing!


As a brand expert, I work with my clients on their wardrobe and their appearance.  Whether you are going to get your groceries or off to a meeting, make sure that you are wearing something that feels great and if you were spotted by a client you would feel proud of what you are wearing. It’s not just about being prepared in case you see someone, it’s about feeling good and remember, you can never be overdressed.

This is easy when you’re having a good day, but when you are having a ‘bad hair day’ – that’s where it can be hard. There are 3 tricks I use to ‘shift’ my thinking:
1)  Smile – not only is it natures natural facelift, it also releases endorphins to make you feel better;
2)  Pull your shoulders back, you’ll instantly feel more confident and more positive – plus it opens your heart to possibility;
3)  List 10 things you are grateful for. I start with the air that I’m breathing, the food I eat and the bed that I sleep in. It’s amazing when you just start listing simple things off, you can’t help but feel better.

Day 1 : Beauty Oil 101

Attachment is one of the key blocks for most of us in our lives. If you notice when you feel really attached to something and you want it so much, it becomes almost painful. I find when I let go and trust that what is right will come to me, there’s a sense of relief and then if like magic, something happens that either brings me what I wanted or something better. We get attached to our past, the idea of our future and even our partners, when we let go of expectations and focus on intentions, then it allows space to create something that you might not have even imagined.

Today the world is super-fast, technology is changing exponentially and us humans are finding it hard to keep up!  Firstly, know that it’s not going to slow down, so that means you need to find ways to cope with this faster future.  I believe you need to get clear on what’s important to you and learning to trust your intuition is critical in this fast-paced world. Your intuition is your guide, your mentor as it’s never wrong, you just have to start learning how to listen and trust this internal sage.

Really this the most important point because if you can’t love yourself, how will you let anyone else love you.  Caring about yourself does 3 things:  1) It allows you to feel your own value; 2) gain a more grounded perspective on life; and 3) build strength in your mental attitude. All these 3 points give way to great confidence. Remember, if you can’t love yourself, how will you let anyone else love you and please stop beating yourself up about not getting things done.


Confidence is a state of mind and learning what works for you to help build yourself up is an important step. Finding the right tools to keep yourself well and happy is up to you – the exploration in itself is healing and an important part of your own personal development journey.                

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