Skincare Retreat

Day 3: Quick Morning Skincare & Make-Up

Think ‘morning’ and images of birds chirping and lazy lie ins might spring to mind. The reality for most of us is very different – from getting out of bed on time, eating breakfast to rushing out the door to beat the traffic to work, the morning rush is certainly real and can leave little time for skincare or make-up.

Luckily, your morning beauty routine doesn’t have to be long or complicated. We’ve partnered with make-up artist Ivy Thomson of The Beauty Row for our Wellness Week to write a guide with handy tips and tricks to shortcut your morning beauty routine in a flash!

As a busy mum and a make-up artist who loves skincare and beauty, being able to apply a spa-like ritual in the morning and a bit of make-up really sets me up for the whole day. Often we have more time for our skincare routine at night, but making time in the day really makes all the difference for your skin, and for me, it really makes a difference for my day. Read on to see how you can use your favourite Trilogy products to fast-forward your morning routine.  


For a quick hydration boost, take a few drops of Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil and add a bit of Trilogy Very Gentle Calming Serum. Once these are mixed together, the consistency becomes more like a moisturiser which can be applied all over the face and neck. This should be all you need most days as it contains enough nutrients, oil and hydration for skin throughout the day, so you can skip right past the moisturising step. 


Next apply your eye cream. I used to only apply eye cream at night before bed, but I love Trilogy Age-Proof Eye Recovery Concentrate. It's not only nutrient-dense and lightweight, but also comes with this really amazing little metal applicator. This is perfect for helping to decrease puffiness and helping to give a really smooth base for concealer application in one quick step, so any dry skin in this delicate eye area is then plumped up and hydrated.


Day 1 : Beauty Oil 101

Once your basic skincare application is done, you can apply your make-up. My go-to is a light dusting of natural mineral powder, which will not only provide some sun protection but also help control oil and get rid of some redness.

Then apply a dab of concealer for the skin underneath the eyes and massage in with fingertips, so it goes on smoothly and doesn’t crease or grab to any dry skin in this area.

And finally, add a little bit of blush to add colour to the cheeks, a touch of tinted lip balm to your lips and your look is done!


To finish off, set your make-up with Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner. This is a beautiful, lightweight hydrating mist spray, so you can use this if you’re wearing make-up or of course if you’re not either! I typically apply  2- 3 sprays and let it drink into my skin, which will give skin a real burst of hydration. This is also a really good tip if your make-up is looking too powdery and you want it to set and look a bit more natural. 

I hope you enjoyed my time-saving tips for morning skincare and make-up. I love using these Trilogy products to create a really quick and easy skincare routine in the morning so my skin is being looked after and nourished all day.


Ivy Thomson is a professionally qualified make-up artist who specialises in bridal make-up and has worked in the cosmetics and skincare industry for the last 10 years. For more information or blogs, see or follow her Instagram