Skincare Retreat

Day 7: Crystal Healing

In today's Wellness Week feature, Jornalist and podcast host Alison Rice shares on crystal healing. 

Working in digital media is exhilarating, fast-paced, competitive, exhausting and addictive. I learnt quickly that for a sensitive Cancerian like myself, I needed energetic outlets that were grounding, soft, calm and comforting. Enter: Crystals.

I was first introduced to crystal work by my healer Jeannie Bourke. She owns organic Sydney beauty lab Venustus. I began visiting her for massages – hello computer shoulders – and as I got to know her a little better, we started doing some healing sessions before I hit the bed. I was new to any type of healing or therapy, but it has been the single most important thing I’ve ever done for myself. The closer I am to knowing my true self, the better leader, friend, daughter and wife I have become. I’m also so much gentler on myself. The healing sessions have helped me move on from old and mostly negative internal dialogue, and into positive visualisations about the life I want and deserve. Jeannie’s approach to healing has impacted me much I created Offline, The Podcast, based on her philosophies on self. 

We started by working on my emotional blockages, which meant identifying where I was holding pain. We all have this. We store grief, guilt and heartache and it needs to be released for us to be able to step into our true selves. While every session is bespoke, we’ve mostly used mediation, crystals, reiki and various massage techniques to shift and discard the blockages. It is the crystal work I’ve personally identified with, and now practice daily.

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Crystals are having a bit of a moment, and for some, it is eye-roll territory. All I would say to that is it is a much purer way to be in the world without judgement. Everyone has different rituals or practices that make them feel safer, more nourished, energetically connected or whole.

There’s no rulebook when it comes to working with crystals. There’re some guidelines of course, like washing them when you want to set a new intention or goal, charging them up under the light of a full moon, and even giving them away when they’re not serving you anymore. But for the most part, just having your chosen crystal on you is enough. You can keep it in your handbag, tuck it into your bra, have one next to your bed and even in the car. I usually work with one crystal every month or so, and spend some time meditating with it and setting intentions and wishes. It is a bit like a silent letter to the universe.

I probably have about 40 crystals in total, but here’s five foundational ones I keep coming back to time and time again.

A protective stone that repels and blocks negative energy. I consider it a bit of a protective forcefield! It is a good purifying stone as well, so I like to use this one if I’m entering a toxic environment or have toxic people around me (not by choice). It has the power to transform dense energy into higher vibrations.

Rose quartz
A heart chakra stone, this firm favourite attracts love and has very high energy. I use it for bringing harmony, warmth and love into my life.

This is one of my favourite stones and I am always so drawn to it. It is a self-improvement stone of sorts, and a very happy stone in that it wards off depression, self-doubt and anger. It also brings wealth and abundance – whatever that might look like for you.

Another great stone with very high energy. This one is all about self-love and self-worth. If you’re often in tense situations, this is a great stone for helping strength your resolve and calm your nerves. I use it for increasing patience and self-confidence.

This is a new stone in my repertoire but a firm favourite. It’s got a lucky energy and is all about intensifying what feels innate for you – intuition, creativity, intellect. That sense of knowing. I use it a lot in my role as a leader. It helps me be impeccable with my word and actions.


An award-winning journalist, digital leader and podcast host, Alison started her career at The Walkley Foundation for Excellence in Journalism before going on to lead and launch U.S. media brands POPSUGAR, Who What Wear, Byrdie, and MyDomaine in Australia. A respected mentor, Alison is passionate about driving dialogue around what it means to be a modern woman and leader today. She brings her signature mix of authenticity and authority to Instagram daily, sharing everything from her love of crystals and spirituality, to leadership advice and beauty tutorials for busy women. Alison pens a monthly mentor column on MyDomaine Australia, called #AskAlison. She lives in Bondi Beach with her husband Tony.

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