LOOK FORWARD! Celebrating Agelessness and Vibrant Futures at Any Age

Introducing LOOK FORWARD, Trilogy’s new campaign which celebrates a woman’s right to a vibrant future at any age. We’re saying goodbye to traditional beauty notions that women are desperately trying to turn back the clock to regain their youth. Instead, we’re choosing to look forward to the future – not to what’s not, but what’s next!

We were joined by four inspiring and accomplished women for our campaign shoot. From their amazing accomplishments, life lessons to future goals, we got to know what LOOK FORWARD means to them.

Boh Runga, 49, Musician & Jewellery Designer

What do you like best about being your age?
I feel more confident in my own skin now than when I was younger. I feel definitely younger than I actually am, it’s all in the perspective and how you look at things.

What matters less as you get older?
What matters less is what other people think. Have confidence in yourself and believe in what you’re doing, then trust in yourself because you’ve got to this point in your life, so embrace your successes. I think that confidence comes with your journey.

Advice to younger women
Surround yourself with people that you admire and gain strength from. I think women are very strong and they have so much to give. Being sure of yourself, even as you get older, that’s what you should aim for. Being confident and having fun, within reason.   


Abigail O'Neill, 43, Model & Wellness Author

What are you looking forward to?
I’m really looking forward to creating more that inspires others.

What do you like best about being 43?
I love being 43 because I’ve had enough time to know what’s really important in life.

What changes are happening in society for women?
People are becoming more appreciative of women of any age which is pretty awesome. Agelessness and ageism they’re on opposite poles and I think we are moving more toward agelessness and the appreciation of age, and the relevance of beautiful ageing.

What advice would you give younger women?
Start by looking within yourself to see how you can feel more beautiful by turning to nature and by seeking out positive choices in your life that make you feel good.

Day 1 : Beauty Oil 101

Leeanna Walsman, 38, Actress

What do you like best about being the age you are?
I feel more confident than ever, and I think that’s a lot to do with reflection and learning from my past. I feel wiser, I feel like I’m realizing that all my experiences are giving me the knowledge that’s creating the women that I am and that I am growing into.

What advice would you give to a woman younger than you?
Don’t allow unattainable beauty standards and impossible eternal youth to disempower you. To really seek to become more self-aware, and be more compassionate, and be more led by empathy.

What are your hopes for the future?
I hope that I go on a million adventures and I hope that I travel and explore countries that I have never seen. And I hope that I continue to cultivate relationships that I’ve had and meet. And that I continue to grow.


Scarlett Vespa, 55, Creative & Personal Brand Expert

How do you think women 40+ are perceived in society and what would you like to see change?
When you look in places like Europe, there is a real embracing of older women. She’s still sexy, smart and over 40. I’d love to see that happen more here. I think the change happens within the women. It’s about us actually embracing ourselves.

What do you like best about being over 50?
I love being over 50 because I feel more confident than ever. I feel more excited, I have more passion, I feel a greater appreciation of who I am, and actually of humanity. There’s that deep empathy and deep kind of gratitude around who I am and who others are. The more I realised how beautiful I am, the more I realise how beautiful others are.

How old do you feel?
I feel 20 inside. I feel like a bursting school kid with so much to do. My ideas just stream in incessantly the older I get. The older I get the more excited I get, the more passionate I am, the more innovative I am. My confidence actually allows me to be a better creator.

What advice would you give to younger women?
Challenges come everyday or any moment, you can’t get away from that so the sooner you embrace that and allow yourself to feel what happens the sooner you will actually realise how beautiful life is.


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