So They Can and Trilogy - Changing the Face of Aid in Africa


We believe beauty should be more than just skin-deep. It’s why we developed Raha Natural Perfume in partnership with So They Can, a not-for-profit educating and empowering Kenyan and Tanzanian communities to break the poverty cycle and build a more sustainable future.

So They Can’s work caught the attention of the TV3 Newsworthy team, who travelled to Africa to see it first-hand. During their visit, journalist Samantha Hayes met the women in one of So They Can’s social business projects who hand-harvest the sunflower oil used in Raha.

We purchase the sunflower oil at fair market rate and we donate NZ$2 to So They Can for every every perfume we sell.

“Last year we were able to give back $20,000. This year we estimate it's going to be more like $30,000," our CEO Angela Buglass predicts.

NZ$30,000 goes a long way, it’s enough to provide income for 50 Tanzanian women and a full year’s education for 500 children.

Following the trip, Samantha discussed the project with Helen Clark, Head of the United Nations Development Programme who said our partnership with So They Can is “fantastic" and that we need more brands doing it.

"So often people have a great product locally but where's the value chain? Where's the distributor? So it's a very practical role that a business support from outside can give. Enabling people to get value from being associated with a brand is important."

If you’d like to know more about So They Can’s work or to sponsor one of the children head here, or shop now for a bottle of Raha Natural Perfume.