Our Story

Pioneers and experts in pure natural plant oils and clean beauty formulations, our products work in harmony to restore your skin's natural vitality and radiance. Founded in 2002 by two New Zealand sisters who discovered the benefits and renewing properties of our first product hero - rosehip seed oil. This golden oil set the tone for creating a simple, easy to use skincare range – everything your skin needs and nothing it doesn’t. And we’ve been continuing that vision ever since. Made locally, loved globally.

Our commitment is to continually better understand ourselves, our customers and the world we live in. To help people discover that happy, healthy skin is the essence of beautiful skin. We believe that you can build a beauty business consciously and transparently and be a force for good in an industry that often does otherwise. And we back it up with steady sustainable changes year after year, working to close the loop as best we can. Inspired by nature, our remit is to make a positive difference to our customers and partners, celebrating clean natural beauty and allowing your inner glow to become the outer show.

Finding joy in the simple things keeps us young at heart and connected to our purpose of marrying the intelligence of nature with science to reveal beauty that’s more than skin deep. We act with integrity, authenticity, honesty and ensure sustainable choices guide every decision at every level of our business. Inspired by nature, we create clean and promise performance.