Rosehip oil

Where does rosehip oil come from?

Did you know that when you buy your favourite Trilogy skincare, you’re actually helping to empower communities around the world? 

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We source our most popular product and hero ingredient, certified organic rosehip oil from communities Lesotho in southern Africa and Chile. While roses are grown all over the world, the best quality rosehip oil for skincare purposes comes from roses which grow wild in mountainous regions like these. The rosehips are hand-harvested by small village communities in the surrounding area. It’s a very low-impact, sustainable method of production.

Because certified organic rosehip oil is the flagship of our brand, we made a social investment to support the people in Lesotho who produce it. We bought a state-of-the-art oil press to help our supplier there expand his business. It means he can press more rosehip seeds, which means he can buy more rosehip fruit from the isolated harvesting communities that rely on the income from their labour. Our supplier will pay back the cost of the press over three years, at which point ownership will be transferred to his business. In social responsibility terms, it’s called ‘impact investing’.

During a sourcing trip to Lesotho, our supplier introduced us to a children’s home in the area. The Mophato oa Mants'ase Society aims to build a brighter future for vulnerable children within their own families wherever possible, and where it’s not, by providing residential care for as long as needed. We also chose to give back to this community, donating NZ$8000 unlimited funding to Mants'ase Children's Home

Building a meaningful business is not rocket science. It’s about being responsible with every choice we make – which helps you make a conscious decision about the way you care your skin, your wellbeing and our world.

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