Our Mission


What we mean by ‘clean, natural beauty’.

To us, 'clean natural beauty' means beauty with a conscience. It's our promise to continuously do better and be more responsible with the decisions we make for our customers, our products and our world.

Honesty and authenticity are particularly important in the beauty industry. Often seen as an industry of smoke and mirrors there isn't much regulation around the terms 'natural? and 'organic. That's why we choose to back our claims with strict third-party certifications.


We let our certifications do the talking.

We know that trust is built over time and we love putting in the extra effort in to earn it from our customers. That's why we've chosen to hold ourselves accountable by using strict third party accreditation bodies NATRUE and BioGro to certify that our products are truly natural and organic.


Certified by NATRUE.

NATRUE is an independent, not-for-profit association committed to promoting and protecting natural and organic cosmetics worldwide. Their standard is one of the most stringent and transparent in the world, and in 2012, we became the first New Zealand brand to achieve their certification.

any product that carries their mark carries a promise


made without toxins, parabens, or gmos

ethically and sustainably manufactured

against animal testing


Cruelty-free, naturally.

We've been cuddling bunnies since 2002 and are firmly against animal testing. Our NATRUE certification guarantees it. We also work closely with our ingredient suppliers to ensure they're doing right by our animal friends. After all, there's enough cruelty in the world without adding it to our skincare.


Traceable, right back to the roots.

We like to know where our ingredients come from, that's why our beauty oils have a BioGro organic certification. BioGro is a leading certifier who is also IFOAM accredited; that means we can trace the origins of our beauty oils, ensuring they're both organic and fair-trade.