Driven By Performance

There's no sacrificing quality for natural with product performance being key to our success.

With the purest natural plant oils and botanical extracts, our products work in harmony to restore skin's natural vitality and radiance.

We also undertake independent clinical testing and user trials with real people, experiencing visible results using our products. And with over 300 major international beauty awards across our range, you don't just have to take our word that Trilogy products work.

Authentically Natural & Organic

Without certification we believe calling a product or ingredient 'organic' or 'natural' can be misleading for people trying to make informed decisions about the way they care for their skin.

We only use organic and natural to describe ingredients and finished products that are certified as such by recognised 3rd party accreditation bodies.
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Always Responsible

Building a meaningful business has been in our DNA since day one.

it's not rocket science but about being responsible with every choice we make.

This helps our customers make a conscious decision about the way they care for their skin, health and the planet.

Maximum effect on your skin, minimum effect on our environment™


Trilogy is a cruelty free business. Our NATRUE certification guarantees we do not test our ingredients and products on animals, and we work closely with our ingredient suppliers to ensure our company values and policies are maintained.

Environmental & Sustainable

All our ingredients are Non-GMO and sustainably sourced. We've always been microbead-free and advocates to this cause, awarded for our green and ocean safe formulations. We've been carbon neutral since 2007 and our corporate operations have achieved CarboNZero certification. Most of our packaging is recyclable and we're continuously working find alternatives to reduce our footprint.


Supporting communities and causes we believe in is an important part of our culture. Most recently, we are proudly:

A female empowerment partner and signatory to the United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles

Partners with The Rosehip Oil company in Lesotho, providing an oil press for their continued use which empowers local harvesting communities.

Supporter of the Mants'ase Children's Home in Lesotho by providing resources to children in need from the community we source our rosehip oil from.