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Day 4: Healthy Sugar-Free Snack Ideas to Inspire!

Articles about the effects of sugar consumption on skin have been bubbling up in the beauty world for years now. Known effects include accelerated glycation (in other words, ageing), collagen breakdown and inflammation just to mention few, and while us Trilogy HQ ladies have good intentions and love our complexion boosting lemon waters and green juices, we’re equally susceptible to reaching for the cookie jar and sugary mid-afternoon snacks every day.  

With our Wellness Week kicking off, we’re resetting our afternoon snack intentions to healthier ones and have teamed up with the amazing Auckland-based Holistic Nutritionist Natalie for the expert 411 on sugar and sugar-free snack ideas that are easy to make and most importantly delicious.

Natalie says, ‘Now don’t get me wrong, I do still love something sweet, but over the years since my studies and breaking free from my sugar addiction I have learnt the art of moderation and balance. This is what I teach my clients too.

Refined sugar has such a negative impact on our health. It increases anxiety (it used to make me feel so anxious and worried all the time), it causes all sorts of gut problems (IBS for me) such as bloating and constipation, skin problems (it increased my eczema symptoms), breakouts, acne, unstable blood sugar levels, increased cravings, diabetes, feeds cancer cells, causes weight struggles and increases fatigue to name a few.

Sugar free snacks are great. I know when I was trying to quit sugar and improve my health I struggled with what to snack on. This is also something I help many clients with in clinic today. Sugar is seriously addictive, I totally get it, I’ve been there, but finding ways to reduce your sugar intake can change your health and skin dramatically.’


Prepare the troops
Being prepared is half the battle! I’d suggest spending 30 minutes on the weekend making 1-2 healthy snacks for the week ahead so you’re all set to go-to when afternoon cravings hit.

My current go to afternoon snacks that are tasty but also nutritious with good fats, protein and antioxidants to support healthy skin include:

Click here for more simple sugar free snack ideas. 

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Stay hydrated
We’re also reminded to drink at least 2 litres of filtered water daily to hydrate, flush out waste products and toxins, and curb cravings that might actually be symptoms of dehydration. Our bodies are made up of 60% water, and with our skin being the largest organ, water is key to supporting a healthy hydrated complexion.

Natalie suggests: ‘To spice up your water and make it more interesting add a lemon or lime wedge to it, or a handful of berries, chopped fruit, sliced cucumbers or fresh mint.’

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About Natalie
Natalie Brady is an Auckland-based registered Clinical Nutritionist & holistic health blogger. For more information, head to or follow Natalie on Instagram.